Chaos to the Fly is a brand new education and story-based podcast covering demons and folklore, spooky real-world experiences, and brief reviews of horror content. Episodes are up to 30-minutes long, with 15 episodes marking a full season. Two seasons are planned per calendar year.

Each episode contains:

  • An educational section: an overview of a demon or monster from history or theological study, or coverage of local folklore from all around the world
  • A real-world experience: a story shared by listeners, or readers of the Subreddit /ghoststories – share YOUR experience here
  • Review: a review of a horror movie, TV, or book series. These will be relatively short, and I’m open to recommendations!

The idea originally stemmed from the concept that our experience is perception, and our perception is based on our perspective. Perhaps we are living in a world of our control, or perhaps we are simply flies stuck in something else’s web…

Whatever you may (or may not?) believe, it’s fun to explore. As a result, all episodes are presented without criticism. We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoy making it.

Greg Newbegin

An Australian writer, podcaster, and fan of horror movies and extreme metal music, Greg has been making Internet content for several years now. He has a number of different projects on the go at one time, but is generally just a glutton for punishment.

He’s currently writing his own horror novel, silently holding out hope that it will see release sometime in 2020.

Greg lives in Melbourne, Australia but dreams of Tokyo. He’s married with two kids.