Season 1, Episode 5 – Skinwalkers

Welcome to Episode 5 of Chaos to the Fly! I hope you’ve been enjoying the show, but please feel free to share thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions at the link outlined below.

Every week at the same time (Wednesday, 8pm AEST), the next episode will drop – 15 episodes per Season, 2 Seasons per year (initially, at least). If you’d like to get in contact for any reason, use this form! If you’d like to share your experience, use this one!

Anyway, what scary experiences can you expect this week?

  • Edutainment: Off to some Native American folklore this week, with a look at Skinwalkers, and the Ranch that shares the name…
  • Story: Another Haunted House this week – can’t get enough of them!
  • Review: This week, we take a look at Season 1 of Netflix’s new series, Locke & Key. Is it horror? Better yet… Is it worth your time?

Thanks, as always, for listening, and if you’d like more horror-themed “stuff” in your week, don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

See you next week, flies…

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