Four Risks That Come With Delaying AC Repairs

When your air conditioning system is failing and needs repair, you must move towards this step quickly. When you delay repairs to your system, dealing with a hot house is only one of your worries; there are several other issues to deal with. Learn more about some of these issues to understand the importance of prompt repairs. 

Increased Costs

Delaying a repair can often translate into increased repair costs. Air conditioning issues are progressive in that an issue's severity can increase with time. Take a repair involving a unit that blows hot air. The unit will keep cycling on and off to keep up with the thermostat setting. This constant on/off cycle puts extra demand on the unit, which could cause a cooling issue to transform into a motor issue. Repairing problems quickly avoids added repairs and costs. 

Extended Delays

The demand for air conditioning repairs fluctuates. During the cooler months of the year, cool air is the last thing on the mind of many homeowners, but when the weather starts to warm, it becomes a priority. If you notice an issue with your unit at the end of the warm season, do not wait until the summer to seek out repairs. Having repairs performed in the fall or winter is best. Delaying repairs until summer means you might have to wait even longer to have your system repaired, given the demand. 

Greater Damage Risks

Delaying repairs to your air conditioning unit also comes with the risk of more significant damage. Take water leaks, for example, which are often caused by wear to the condensation pump and drain lines. The amount of leakage typically starts small and is restricted to a small area. However, with time, the water can travel to further surfaces, such as the floor or ceiling with an attic unit, where it can cause additional damage. Always repair leaks when you first discover them.

Warranty Concerns

For air conditioning units covered by a warranty, delaying repairs can lead to a coverage issue. For example, many warranty companies will ask when a particular problem with the unit began. If the warranty company discovers the issue is old and that delays in repairs caused the issue to worsen, it is very possible that they could deny coverage and leave you to pay the total costs of repairs on your own.

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