4 Things An HVAC Maintenance Technician May Do During An Annual AC Tuneup.

An important aspect of HVAC maintenance is a yearly AC tune-up. This is probably required by your warranty, and you may need to show proof of maintenance to your insurance agent if you file a claim due to storm damage.

Since you never know when lightning or hail could take out your air conditioner, it's best to maintain it well so you can always fall back on your insurance when you need it. Here are four things an HVAC maintenance technician may do when you have an AC tuneup.

1. Check That The Condenser And Blower Start Up

The HVAC maintenance technician will start the AC if possible to make sure the thermostat can trigger the condenser parts and the air handler blower to start up. They'll listen for the start-up sequence to make sure none of the parts make unusual noises. If they hear odd sounds, they'll check the parts making them to see what's wrong and make repairs.

2. Feel The Strength Of Cool Airflow

Once the AC is running and cool air is blowing out of the ducts, the maintenance technician may feel the air to make sure the flow is strong. This is important because diminished airflow is a sign of a problem with your AC, and your home can't cool down very well without maximum output.

Possible reasons for reduced airflow include a clogged-up air filter and a problem with the blower in the air handler. The HVAC maintenance technician can change the filter and clean the blower to see if airflow improves.

3. Make Sure The Air Is Cool Enough

The AC technician also checks that the air blowing out of the vents is cool enough and that it can trigger the thermostat to shut off. If the air isn't chilled enough, the air conditioner may run longer than it should and cause your power bills to be high.

A likely cause for air that's not cold is low refrigerant. The technician can verify the level of refrigerant is normal by making a quick check with a gauge that measures pressure in the refrigerant line.

4. Ensure There Is Proper Ventilation

The condenser and air handler need good airflow around and through the equipment so the parts stay cool and so the blower and condenser fan can work properly. Things to check include the filter, blower cage, registers, and ducts.

If dust has built up, the air handler may need to be cleaned thoroughly to improve airflow. The fins on the condenser need to be opened if they've been smashed, and weeds and other obstructions should be pulled away from the sides of the air conditioner.

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