Make Sure Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Has A Licensed Plumber

When you decide to redo your kitchen, you may hire a contractor specializing in remodeling. If you do that, you want to make sure that they have the right skills and subcontractors to get all the work done. This is especially important regarding things like plumbing and electrical systems. Those systems are very unforgiving, and if they aren't done correctly, they can cause a lot of damage to your house. Why do you want to check to see if your contractor has a plumber on staff or subcontracts to a plumber?

Potable Water

It is relatively easy for water to end up contaminated from many sources. That can include the pipes that carry the water into your house. Some pipes are made to carry non-potable water. They are made out of materials that have higher chemical contents. Those chemicals aren't necessarily the best thing to put into your body, so you don't want potable water to run through those pipes. It could be easy for someone who wasn't sure what they were doing to put the wrong kind of pipes from the water line to your kitchen. A plumber will know the difference between potable and nonpotable water pipes and make sure that the correct pipes go into your house. 

Building Codes

These codes are designed to ensure that every structure that goes up is safe for occupation. There are building codes that the entire structure has to meet, but each system has its own set of codes too. Those codes can change frequently, and anyone who works in the building trades must stay up to date on the basic building codes because if a building doesn't meet those codes on inspection, it will need to be worked on until everything is up to code. That is going to take more time and more money. A plumber will be aware of the most current building codes for kitchen plumbing and will be able to ensure that their work meets those codes. 

Having a new kitchen can be really exciting. It can make the whole feel of your house different. Make sure to hire a contractor who either has a licensed plumber on staff or works with a licensed plumber as a subcontractor.

If you would like to learn more about the plumbing aspects of your kitchen remodel project, contact a professional kitchen remodeling contractor in your area and get planning today.

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