Signs You Need To Call The Plumber About Your Water Heater

When homeowners call the plumber, it is typically because they have a leaky pipe or faucet, or because they have a clogged drain. You may not immediately think of calling the plumber if your hot water heater is acting up. But plumbers are the ones who install and repair hot water heaters, and they are prepared to deal with any number of issues that can pop up with these appliances. So, what are the signs that you should call a plumber about your hot water heater? Here are the key ones.

Rust in your hot water

If there is rust in your hot water, that rust is likely coming from your hot water heater. Most homes these days have pipes made from copper, PVC, or PEX, and these materials do not rust. Once water heaters start rusting, the damage tends to worsen quickly since the water heater is continually exposed to water. So don't hesitate in calling the plumber about this one. You want to have the tank repaired or replaced before the rust goes through the full tank wall and causes a leak.

Water on or near the tank

If there are any spots of water on or near the hot water tank, this means it is leaking. Usually, leaks from hot water tanks come from the valves. The pressure relief valve might be leaking, or the fill valve could be loose and letting some water escape. A plumber can typically tighten or repair these valves without having to replace the whole tank.

Water is getting progressively colder

Do you find that you keep having to turn the thermostat up on the water tank because your water isn't warm enough? This could mean there is something wrong with the tank's thermostat; it is not reading correctly. It could also mean that the water heater's burner is not getting hot enough. There are a few possible causes for this including a dirty burner, shorts in the electrical system, a blocked gas line, and more. A plumber will investigate and can advise you as to whether repairing or replacing the hot water heater would be a better bet.

Hot water tanks do not last forever, but many of the smaller problems with them can be repaired. Don't hesitate to contact your plumber if you've noticed leaks around the tank, rust in the hot water, or trouble maintaining a hot enough temperature.

Reach out to a local plumbing contractor for more information.

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