How To Handle A Burst Pipe Emergency In Your Business

A burst pipe is no small matter. Besides wasting precious water and contributing to high water bills, it can cause tremendous property damage. However, knowing what to do in case of a burst pipe can help mitigate these undesirable outcomes. 

Follow these six steps if you experience a burst pipe on your business premises.

Step 1: Disconnect Your Water Supply

Leaving your main water supply turned on means water will continue to flow into your commercial premises via the damaged pipes. Turning the water supply off will prevent more water from flooding the property and causing further damage. To disconnect the water supply, turn the main water shut-off valve clockwise.

Step 2: Turn Off Your Power

A burst pipe can pose electrical hazards to people and property. To eliminate these hazards, it's a good idea to disconnect the electricity supply to the affected part of your building or the entire building.

Step 3: Empty Your Pipes

Some water will remain in your water pipes after you've turned off the main water supply. Open all your faucets and flush all toilets to remove this water from the pipes. This will help to prevent more property damage.

Step 4: Find The Burst Pipe

After draining your pipes, look for the burst pipe. If you don't know where to start, consider asking a professional plumber for help. They can find the location of any pipe burst with their specialized detection tools and equipment.

Step 5: Repair The Burst Pipe

You can fix a burst pipe on your own if you have the know-how and the correct tools. But if you're not confident in your plumbing skills or are not well-equipped for the job, it's best to leave it to a professional plumber.

Step 6: Fix The Water Damage

The water damage that may have occurred following a pipe burst in your business premises won't go away on its own—it'll require cleaning and repairs. Once the burst pipe has been repaired, clean up any water damage. This may include removing as much water as possible with a wet vacuum cleaner and using fans to eliminate any remaining moisture. Any wet materials that cannot be restored should be discarded to prevent mold growth and other problems from arising.

Burst pipes are a significant plumbing issue that warrants immediate attention. Contact an emergency plumber for assistance. They'll help you mitigate the potential impact of a burst pipe on your business operations and bottom line.

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