Valve Actuator: Selection Tips To Utilize

Valve actuators control the opening and closing of valves. If you have a system that warrants this type of component, this buying advice can help you make a sound investment with ease.

Consider an Electric-Powered Model 

You can choose valve actuators that are powered in different ways, but one of the best options is an electric valve actuator. Powered by an electric motor, these actuators come with many advantages.

For one, they can open and close at fast speeds. This is great if you're looking for a highly responsive actuator to manage fluids in a system that move through a valve.

Electronic valve actuators are also very easy to maintain. You don't need a lot of special training or premium resources to have success keeping them in great condition over the years. 

Review Operating Temperatures That Are Relevant 

In order to feel good about the valve actuator you select for a system, make sure you account for the temperature range that's relevant to your operations.

If you know what this range is, you'll have an easy time finding an actuator built to hold up to this specific temperature range. That reduces the chances of actuator failure, which you don't want if your operations rely heavily on this component for valve control. 

Fortunately, checking to see what temperature range a valve actuator can be exposed to without sustaining damage is easy. This spec will be simple to find, whether you buy online or from an actuator supplier in person.

Verify There's a Fail-Safe Feature

If you have a major problem with the system that relies on a valve actuator to function properly, then you need to make sure there's a fail-safe feature available. This way, you can control the situation and thus keep severe damage and safety hazards from surfacing.

Some valve actuators are designed to stay closed when there are safety hazards present, while others are supposed to stay open. You just need to see what design is best for your particular operations. Also, make sure the fail-safe feature is reliable so that you can minimize complications if things go awry. 

If you want to control the opening and closing of a valve for a system, you can invest in a valve actuator. There are many of these components available for sale. You just need to focus on models that are best suited to your environment and operations for years to come. 

For more information about using a valve actuator, contact a local company.

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