Why Your Garbage Disposal Is Humming And How Plumbers Can Address The Issue

There's little that's more annoying than a humming garbage disposal. It's loud, disruptive, and may indicate a serious plumbing issue. But what is causing your garbage disposal to make this noise? Read the article below to know five possible common reasons why your garbage disposal may be humming—and how plumbers can fix the underlying problem. 

Jammed Blades or Impellers 

This is one of the most common causes of noisy disposals. When blades become jammed due to food waste or other debris, they can make noises when turned on. Thankfully, this can be an easy fix if you hand over the repair to a seasoned plumber.

The technician will check inside your disposal for anything blocking the blades or preventing the impellers from turning freely. They'll use special tools to unjam the blades without damaging the fixture.

Malfunctioning Motor 

If no movement accompanies your garbage disposal's humming, it could be due to a malfunctioning motor. This can be caused by an electrical defect or a clogged pipe/drainage that's exerting too much pressure on the motor.

Plumbers can assess and diagnose any issues with the motor, such as improper wiring or loose connections and make the necessary repairs to ensure your garbage disposal is working properly again. 

Corroded Components 

The components of a garbage disposal can become corroded over time due to water exposure and wear and tear from food waste. If not addressed in time, this corrosion can lead to a humming noise and also malfunctioning of the disposal.

To address this underlying problem, plumbers will inspect your garbage disposal for any corrosion and replace affected components. The technicians will also lubricate the bearings and replace the impellers with stainless steel ones to arrest component corrosion altogether.

Loose Parts 

Another common cause of noisy garbage disposal is loose parts such as screws, bolts, or nuts. This may be due to wear and tear from continual use, but it can also be caused by improper installation or poor maintenance.

Thankfully, your designated plumbing service can quickly fasten loose parts with the right tools to ensure they're secured back into position. Thus, you can enjoy optimal garbage disposal operation. 

Clogs in the Drainage System 

Clogged drainage systems can also lead to noisy garbage disposal operations. Thus, if your plumbing system is prone to blockages because it has not been appropriately maintained, you should start scheduling routine inspections. This way, your plumber can assess the system and clear any clogs before they lead to insistent humming.

Whatever the cause is for your garbage disposal's humming noise, professional plumbers can help diagnose and fix the underlying issue. So don't hesitate to contact a reputable plumbing service when the need arises.

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