Avoiding Some Serious Plumbing Issues

The plumbing system for the home is one of the most critical parts of the structure. Due to the importance and complexity of a residential plumbing system, there are many steps that are needed to ensure that this system will work correctly and avoid some common performance issues.

Avoid Damaging The Pipes When Drilling Or Hammering Nails Into The Walls

One of the more common ways that individuals will cause problems for their plumbing system can be when they are drilling or hammering nails into the walls. When doing this work, a person may be able to accidentally puncture the pipes that are behind the walls. If this occurs, it could cause immediate and substantial damage to the building. In order to avoid this, homeowners should make sure that they are only drilling or hammering into studs in the walls. Luckily, the use of a stud finder can be an effective option for providing you with the locations of the studs.  

Have Slow Leaking Faucets Repaired

Faucets that develop a slow leak can be another common plumbing issue that you are likely to need to have repaired. Unfortunately, individuals may not always take prompt action to repair their leaking faucets, and this could contribute to the water bill being substantially higher. Repairing a leaking faucet can involve numerous steps because there can be many different causes of why the leak formed. One example of this could be the failure of a seal or even internal components warping and no longer fitting together. Before the necessary repairs can be completed, the source of the leak will have to be found, which can require a professional plumber to effectively complete.

Protect The Pipes From Freezing 

Freezing temperatures are another common source of damage to plumbing systems. As the water in the pipes freeze, it can expand enough to rupture the pipes. Once this occurs, substantial amounts of water can spew from the pipe when the water thaws. Repairing a pipe that has ruptured from freezing water will require it to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is a repair that will have to be completed as urgently as possible as the amount of water that the rupture could release may quickly flood the home. To minimize the risk of large-scale flooding in the home, the water supply should be turned off once you realize that a pipe has frozen. This will stop the flow of water so that only the water in the line will be able to leak out.

Contact a local plumber to learn more. 

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