5 Possible Culprits When There's No Water Coming From Your Well

For those on well water, few things are as alarming as turning on a faucet to find a reduced or complete lack of water flow. If there is no water coming from your well, there are a few likely culprits. In most cases, the problem can be repaired relatively quickly. 

1. Power Offline

Well pumps require power to run, so any issues with the power supply can lead to a temporary water outage as well. Lightning strikes and power surges that trip the fuse for the well house are common causes of the power going offline.  For those pumps on separate generators or solar, issues with those systems can be the culprit as well. 

2. Unusual Usage

Sometimes the recharge rate of the well can't keep up with the demand in usage. Well testing may be necessary to verify the expected GPH (gallons per hour) when the well is recharging. If the recharge rate has slowed to a lower GPH than previously, then you must either reduce usage or look into having the well dug deeper. If your GPH is the same but the usage has risen, such as when guests are visiting or if you added a new water-using appliance, then that could also be the culprit. 

3. Clogged Filter

Many home wells are equipped with a filtration device to prevent sediment from entering the plumbing. There is also a sediment filter on the pump to prevent blockages. Water flow can slow and sometimes stop completely if any of these filters become clogged. Fortunately, cleaning or replacing the filters is a simple maintenance task that will quickly fix the problem. 

4. Pump Failure

A well full of water does no good if the pump fails. Well pumps don't last forever, but you can decrease the chances of pump failure with annual well and pump maintenance. The maintenance technician will replace filters and clean out the pump, inspect for any needed repairs, and then lubricate moving parts before making sure the pump is placed at the right depth for your well. 

5. Low Pressure

Low pressure at a single faucet in the home usually means a leak or blockage in that faucet's water supply. When the low pressure affects all the fixtures in the home, though, the problem could be with your well. Some wells have pressure regulators installed on the supply lines, which may need periodic replacement or adjustment.

Contact a well service if you are getting no water from your well

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