What To Do And Expect After Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation is a worthy investment, giving you warm water when needed. However, what's next after the installation? Here is what to do and what to expect after the installation that will ensure you get the most value from your investment.

1. Fill Up the Water Tank

For tanked water heater systems, ensure you fill up the tank before you turn on the heater. The excitement of trying your new water heater installation may lead you to do otherwise. Unfortunately, failing to fill the water tank first can damage the water heater's burning element. You will then need to replace this element, spending more money and delaying starting to enjoy the water heater benefits.

2. Expect a Follow-Up

Professional water heater installation companies make a point of doing a follow-up after the installation. It can be over the phone or a physical visit. The follow-up idea is to check on and ensure everything is running as it should with the installed water heater.

Follow-up visits are essential for a tankless water heater installation. Unlike tanked systems, tankless water heaters have different controls, and you may need an expert to walk you through how everything works.

3. Under Warranty

Ensure you review and understand the terms of your water heater installation warranty. Find out how long the warranty period is and what exactly it covers.

If you buy the water heater from a company and have the same company install it for you, then you can rest easy knowing you are covered for any trouble with the system during the warranty period. You shouldn't hesitate to call the water heater installation company as soon as you notice any signs of trouble with your system.

On the other hand, buying the heater on your own would mean that you can only depend on the manufacturer's warranty. The logistics of taking out the water heater for repairs at an authorized repair shop can be quite hectic.

4. Routine Maintenance Program

After water heater installation comes maintenance, ensuring your water heater runs efficiently and for longer. The company will advise you on the maintenance tasks and schedule, as the manufacturer recommends. Keeping up with the schedule will save you money and reduce downtime.

Don't rush to use your water heater if the tank hasn't filled up with water. You can also expect a follow-up visit from the water heater installation company and their prompt response to your maintenance and repair needs.

For more information, contact a heating service near you.

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