Top Tips And Best Practices For Hot Water Tank Installations

What are the best practices for hot water tank installations? Here is a rundown of what to do to ensure your water heater system will be safe, will serve your needs, and will last a long time. 

Choose the Right Tank Size

Getting hot water tank installations right starts with choosing the right size. There is a wide range of tank sizes, and your average hot water demands should inform your choice. This largely depends on your household size and how frequently you use hot water.

If you choose a tank size that's too small, and you will always run out of hot water when you need it. On the other hand, a hot water tank that is too big will drive up your energy bills because you'll be continually heating up the water you won't need.

Install in a Good Location

A few things should inform the choice of location for hot water tank installations. Ensuring there is enough room around the tank will promote airflow, which helps with maximizing efficiency and extending the unit's life span. Install the tank in a location where it is easily accessible for repairs and routine maintenance. Similarly, all hot water tank installations should be in a location away from any flammable materials.

The installation experts will use the local codes in your area as a reference when choosing an ideal location for your hot water system. Code violations may attract fines, not to mention the adverse effect on the safety and efficiency of your tank storage hot water system.

Install a Drain Pan

While it may not be something to worry too much about with new hot water tank installations, over time, your unit may start to leak or release small discharges. For this reason, it is recommended that you install a drain pan under your hot water tank.

The drain pan catches any leaks and helps prevent water damage. To get the most out of this protection, ensure you get the right dimensions of the pan so it catches all leaks. Also, ensure that you choose a corrosion-resistant material for your drain pan.

Leave It to the Experts

An audit of DIY hot water tank installations will show just how important it is to leave the work to trained professionals. From using the wrong soldering technique to failing to set up the pressure relief valve properly, these amateur mistakes will greatly affect the performance and longevity of your hot water system. Always choose an experienced team to install your hot water system.

Pay attention to the size of the tank and the location of installation. For the best outcome, hire a local plumber for all hot water tank installations.

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