Residential Drain Cleaning: 4 Warning Signs Of A Sewer Backup

Your home's sewer systems help direct waste water to a public sewer system. Usually, sewer pipes are laid underneath the ground in your backyard to protect them from weather-related degradation and deterioration. Unfortunately, when a sewage line is clogged, you need a qualified drain cleaning service to remove the blockage. Read on to understand the main signs of a sewage backup. 

1. Foul Odors

One of the early indicators of a sewage issue is a foul odor. That's because a well-functioning sewage pipe should not emit a foul odor. In most cases, odors from sewers may smell like mildew, ammonia, or regular garbage. Though not all unpleasant odors indicate a problem with your sewer system, consider hiring a plumber to investigate further. That's because it could indicate an impending sewage backup. So you should be concerned when you notice a strange smell in your yard.

2. Gurgling Drain Pipes or Toilets

When you observe air bubbles rising from your drains and bathrooms, you probably have a clogged drain, and the waste cannot flow through your drainage system. If this occurs often, wastewater might start to accumulate since there is no way out. Therefore, you must pay close attention to gurgling drains and restrooms since they may indicate a sewer system problem.

3. Poor Drainage

Observe the drains when washing the dishes, taking a shower, or cleaning your hands. Though sometimes debris may block the kitchen drainage and reduce water flow, a blockage in the main route is the culprit if numerous drains in your property are clogged. Therefore, when you notice slow drains everywhere on your property, you risk experiencing sewage backup. For this reason, you need to contact a professional drain cleaner to inspect and clean the drains.

4. Wet Spots on the Backyard

Sometimes, your backyard may have wet patches or stagnant water, even when there is no rain. Such streams or pools of water are clear indications of a sewer backup, especially if the water is near the main drainage system. When you notice this, it is high time you consult a drain cleaning company to inspect and clean the drains.

The more you ignore a drain pipe blockage or obstruction, the greater the risk of sewer backup. A major sewage backup may require a trenchless sewer line restoration, but a basic sewer cleaning service is enough for minor clogs and issues. Therefore, contact a residential drain cleaning company if you notice any troubles or experience drain-related problems.

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