3 Signs Your Home Needs Re-Piping

Your piping system needs proper maintenance. You should avoid using harsh chemicals to unclog your drains. The substances will reach your pipes and corrode their inner layers. This issue can reduce your water lines' lifespan, leading to costly repairs. Moreover, the chemicals can cause a disturbance to the normal bacteria balance in your plumbing system, triggering foul smells.

While minor defects in your pipes may only require repairs, you may have to replace your lines if they are significantly damaged. Here are signs your home needs re-piping.

Water Leaks

Your pipes can leak due to various reasons. The first culprit is clogging. Your water lines can get blocked due to the accumulation of waste like grease, hair, dental floss, cat litter, soap, balls of tissue paper, and fibrous foods. While minor clogs may not destroy your pipes, the blockages can get out of hand. Severe clogs will lead to pressure buildup inside your lines and cause your plumbing fixtures to burst.

The joints in your pipes are susceptible to leaks. The joints can succumb to hot temperatures and water pressure over time. Then, the fixtures may develop small cracks or spaces allowing water to seep through. The joints are probably damaged if you hear banging noises from your pipes. 

Invasive tree roots can sneak into your pipes. Debris, dirt, and other particles can accumulate on the roots leading to blockages that can damage your water lines. Also, natural events like earthquakes or floods can cause your pipes to shift position, which might cause them to burst. You may have to replace your pipes if they are excessively damaged.

Water Discoloration

If your water is discolored, it indicates there's too much buildup of sediment in your pipes. The sediment will corrode the inner layers of your pipes and cause them to burst. Moreover, the mineral deposits can cause a further buildup of pressure in your pipes, damaging them. Also, your plumbing system will experience low water pressure due to restricted water flow.

Water Tastes Funny

If your water tastes funny, it's a major red flag. As your pipes corrode, the water velocity will cause the rust to peel off and contaminate the water. Therefore, your water will have an altered taste. You may be exposed to copper poisoning if your pipes are made of copper. The condition causes health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and liver and kidney damage.

This problem is common in old pipes that have deteriorated due to wear and tear. If you suspect your pipes cause contaminated water in your home, you should call plumbing professionals to investigate your water lines.

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