Is Your Water Heater Making Weird Noises? 4 Common Causes

Are you in a situation where you have switched on your home water heater, but you can hear weird sounds? Although there are distinctive water heater noises, you might want to seek the services of a water heater technician if yours is making funny sounds. Here are the four causes of strange water heater sounds and how a reliable plumber can help.

1. Loose Heating Element 

If there is a buzzing sound from your water heater, the chances are that your water heater's element is loose. Do not try to tighten it yourself. You may damage it or make the problem worse. What's more, your water has an upper and lower heating element. If you tighten the wrong heating element, it may not fix the issue. Let a professional plumber handle the problem for you. They will be able to tighten the correct loose element using the recommended wrench to eliminate the noise.

2. Accumulation of Sediment

The water that goes into your heater may not be as clean as you think. It may contain sand and other debris. With time, this debris will build up in your water heater tank, causing a popping sound when your unit is running. If you do not flush the storage tank, the residue will continue accumulating and may bury the heating element, making your water heater less effective. Sediment buildup is also a proven cause of leaks. Your best chance to avoid this is to seek flushing services frequently by hiring a plumbing contractor.

3. Restricted Water Flow

Hearing a sizzling noise when your unit is running? This happens when your water heater has a constrained water flow, usually due to malfunctioning valves. Call a competent water heater specialist to inspect the valves, including the inlet and pressure relief valve, identify the root cause of the defect, and fix it. Sometimes the valve may be faulty beyond repair, calling for a replacement. Regardless of the most appropriate solution, a plumber will leave your water heater working perfectly.

4. Leaks

If there is a running water noise that does not seem to stop even when your tank is full,  the odds are high that your water heater system is leaking water. A leaking unit is a recipe for costly water damage. Reach out to an experienced plumber before it is too late.

Weird water heater noises could be due to one of these four common causes. Contact a water heater plumber today to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to ensure your water heater is running effectively and quietly.

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