Need To Correct Decades Of Plumbing Problems? Timely Discussions To Have With A Local Plumbing Company

Charm is one of the qualities often found in homes that were built in a bygone era. Many of these structures have designs and features that ooze with vintage appeal, including large windows, high ceilings, and hand-carved woodwork. However, an older home can also have some less-than-charming features like vintage plumbing which may resemble a haphazard maze of different types and sizes of plumbing pipes complete with evidence of poorly made repairs. If life in your older home would be perfect with a better plumbing system, here are some timely discussions to have with a local plumbing company

Water pressure issues

Water pressure problems in an older home can stem from a variety of causes. If the home is located in an area where the water is considered to be hard due to high concentrations of minerals, the plumbing pipes may have less water pressure due to a buildup of calcium and other minerals on the interior surfaces of the pipes and fittings. This type of water pressure issue is often cured by installing new piping in the home to provide more water pressure. 

If the source of water is a private water well, the source of the water pressure issues could also stem from insufficient water supply or a problem with the pressure tank or well pump. Water pressure issues can also be caused by hidden leaks in the home or in an exterior pipe that brings water to the home from a drilled well or public water meter. Water well problems and the possibility of existing leaks may require specific testing processes to diagnose the problem so that it can be corrected. 

Hot water issues 

Another common problem that homeowners often complain of when living in an older home is experiencing insufficient hot water in some areas of the home. This type of problem is especially common in homes that were plumbed after the original structure was built or in homes that were enlarged in the years after it was constructed. In these homes, the hot water tank is often located too far from the bedrooms or kitchens, allowing hot water to cool as it moves through the pipes to the tap where it is needed. Solutions to hot water issues can often be rectified by replacing an existing water heater with a larger one and insulating the supply pipes or by adding a secondary or point of use hot water heater to the plumbing system. 

Taking the time to meet with an expert from a local plumbing company is the best way to ensure that plumbing problems will mar the charm of living in your older home. 

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