4 Indicators It Is Time To Schedule Sewer Line Repair Services

Some homeowners choose to handle most home repair and maintenance practices themselves. However, it is not uncommon for them to miss some signs and fail to fix underlying issues that can wreak havoc later. Sewer line issues are a perfect example of the commonly overlooked problems. If you notice the following signs, you might want to call the professionals to repair the sewer line.

1. Unpleasant Odors

Raw sewage has a distinct smell that is hard to ignore. If it escapes the sewer system, the smell could mask your home and property, sometimes making it uninhabitable. If you suspect that you have a burst sewer line producing unpleasant smells, call your plumber immediately.

Thanks to modern technology such as camera video inspection, the plumber will pinpoint the cause and recommend the most suitable solution. This will help eliminate the odd smells as soon as possible.

2. Standing Water

When you shower, the drains may be clogged and obstruct smooth drainage. Therefore, you might end up standing in a pool of water. You might notice the same issue in your kitchen sinks when washing the dishes. This might be an indication that something is amiss with your sewer lines.

Unfortunately, you could be looking at a major clog. Issues like tree root penetration in the sewer pipes also cause slow drainage. The plumber will inspect the problem and the extent of the damage. They will then unclog or repair the sewer lines to restore proper drainage.

3. Irregular Water Levels in the Toilet Bowl

If you have noticed that your toilet bowl has inconsistent water levels, you need to investigate the issue. You might notice that sometimes it becomes full and then there's hardly any water. This might signal an impending toilet backup disaster due to clogged sewer lines. Don't wait until things get out of hand. Instead, schedule an appointment with a plumbing contractor to inspect and solve the issue.

4. Cracks or Mold Growth on Walls and Foundation

It is essential to inspect your home routinely to find problems early and rectify them. You should inspect your sewer lines if you notice mold growth in your walls, standing water near the sewer lines, and cracks on the foundation. When a sewer line bursts or leaks, the wastewater might cause water damage. This explains the cracks on your foundation and mold growth on the walls. Before it causes adverse structural damage, get a reliable contractor to repair the sewer line.

Delaying sewer line repair might make things worse. This means you might spend more money to repair major sewer line damages. If you encounter these telltale signs, set an appointment with a plumbing contractor for timely sewer line repair services.

For more information on sewer line repair, contact a professional near you.

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