Boiler Problems You Can Actually Repair Yourself

No matter what you do to keep your home's boiler in peak running condition, boiler problems can still happen. The boiler has many individual components that can malfunction or fail without warning, leaving your family at the mercy of winter's biting cold.

While some boiler repairs may involve technical work that's best left to the professionals, others can be undertaken without a professional's help. Knowing how to fix the non-technical issues yourself can save money you'd spend bringing a professional in. 

Here are some common boiler problems you can actually fix on your own.

No Power to Your Boiler

Your boiler has a fuse to prevent overcurrent or a short circuit from damaging it. When there's an electrical fault within the heating system, the boiler fuse will blow to stop current flow. Without a functioning fuse, your boiler won't be powered up.

To turn the boiler back ON, you'll simply need to replace the blown fuse with a functioning one.

Another reason why your boiler may not have power is due to a tripped circuit breaker. If the breaker is tripped, chances are high that the circuit was overloaded. Disconnect any appliances that could be preventing the trip switch from staying up.

If the problem isn't with your boiler fuse or circuit breaker, then it could be with other electrical components.

Boiler Not Sensitive to Thermostat Controls

If your boiler isn't responding to the thermostat, you could face a major disruption in your home heating and hot water supply. Check your thermostat to ensure that you have set the right temperatures for your space and hot water. If the temperature readings are incorrect, try adjusting them. 

If your boiler doesn't respond to the thermostat controls, ask a professional to check the thermostat for you.

Condensate Pipe is Frozen

The condensate pipes installed outside homes direct liquid waste from boilers to the outside drains. If the pipes are left uninsulated, their contents can become frozen during the winter season, resulting in blockages that cause boiler malfunction.

You can fix this problem by pouring hot water over the frozen sections of the pipe. For a more permanent solution, consider adding insulation to the pipe.

When your residential boiler stops working for some reason, you'll want to get it up and running again as quickly as you can. The best bet for restoring your home's heating and hot water functions in no time is to contact your local plumbing and HVAC company. 

For more information about boiler repair, contact a local professional.

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