4 Signs That It Is Time To Repair Your Sewers

The sewer is a crucial component of the home plumbing infrastructure. You will not have to worry about standing water, irritating smells, and hygiene concerns in your home when the system is functional. However, few people know how to keep their drainage and sewer systems in excellent condition. It is time to call the sewer repair expert if you experience the following issues: 

The Drains Slow Down

Slow drains indicate that your system is damaged and needs repairs. Your drains typically slow down when there is a blockage in the infrastructure. This problem also arises because of problems in the septic tank. A slow drain means that the system could shut down entirely if not addressed in time. 

So call your plumber immediately if you notice this issue. By using a camera, they will determine the point of blockage. Then, they will use an appropriate technique to restore water flow by removing the blockage. 

The Yard Smells like Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg smell is the first indicator that something is wrong with the drainage system. The smell indicates that hydrogen sulfide, a regular product of the decomposition process, is leaking from the sewer. Sometimes, it can manifest in the form of burning sulfur or a skunk smell. 

These odors often signal that the sewer is blocked, and the gases are backing up into the house. However, they could also come from a broken seal in the system. So when you notice this, call a professional plumber right away. They will assess the state of your system and determine whether repairs can fix it. 

The Formation of Sinkholes

A sinkhole is an indicator of trouble in your home's drainage system. Usually, you will notice a green and wet patch forming on your lawn as the sinkhole forms. Besides that, you may realize the formation of cracks in your driveway. When that happens, hire a plumber before it becomes a safety hazard. 

The Drainpipes Produce Gurgling Sounds 

Gurgling sounds are not good signs and often point to an underlying problem. The drain gurgles when the system clogs and gases back up into the house. You might also notice bubbles in the toilet bowl immediately after the sewer gurgles. If the bubbles come with the smell of raw sewage, you have a plumbing issue that needs the attention of a plumber instantly. 

Call a competent sewer line repair professional when you encounter any of the signs above. They will troubleshoot and fix the complications to avert future problems.

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