Why Does Drain Cleaning Require A Van Full Of Tools?

To the layman, drain cleaning might seem like a simple process. Homeowners often reach for over-the-counter products as the first solution to any drain clog, but these chemicals are far from do-it-all miracles. In most cases, slow-running or stopped-up drains require far more finesse and knowledge to clear.

In practice, this complexity means that your drain cleaner needs to show up on the job with more than just a handful of tools. The typical professional will usually have a full range of equipment to help them diagnose and solve various household drain issues. This guide will provide a little insight into the process so you can understand why that big van full of tools just showed up in your driveway.

Getting Started: Diagnosis and Evaluation

You don't usually expect to show up at your doctor's office and immediately receive a prescription for some medication. Likewise, drain cleaners need to spend some time with your drains before they can diagnose the problem and prescribe a course of treatment. This diagnosis relies on intuition and experience, but it's also a surprisingly high-tech process.

Many drain cleaning pros will have multiple inspection cameras to help find problems. A smaller camera helps to find close-in blockages, such as items that may be sitting in a P-trap or toilet trap. On the other hand, larger cameras are critical when diagnosing main drain line or sewer problems. These cameras may even extend out to several hundred feet!

The Gentle Approach: Using Basic Tools and Techniques

Professionals want to minimize disruption to your house and clear your drain as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. Some heavy-duty drain cleaning methods may be less gentle on your plumbing, and most cleaners won't start with those options. Instead, they'll first use what they learned when inspecting your drain to try the most straightforward techniques available.

These options may include snakes, augers, or even just a plunger. If they can solve the problem with these essential tools, it'll usually cost you less money and let you get back to your life that much more quickly. Of course, they'll have to head back into their toolbox if a stubborn drain problem refuses to yield to these gentle options.

Heavy Hitters: Hydro Jets and More

More substantial drain clogs require a much harder-hitting approach. For example, your plumber may need to use a hydro-jetting machine to blow away stubborn clogs or roots infiltrating your sewer lines. These techniques can be a little harsher on your plumbing, but they're necessary when traditional methods can't budge that clog.

While bringing a van full of tools to clear a "simple" clog may seem overkill at first glance, it's necessary to provide the flexibility required to deal with many household drain problems. By bringing numerous diagnostic and cleaning tools to bear, your plumber can choose the most effective and least harmful option to get your drains running freely again.

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