4 Signs You Need To Call A Sewer Repair Service

A broken sewer line is an existential threat to your family and lifestyle because it can make your property unusable. Sewer lines do not break frequently since they are sturdy and buried deep underground. However, this also makes it hard to know if the sewer line has a problem. The most obvious sign of a damaged sewer line is a sewage backup, but the problem is usually far gone by this point. Nevertheless, several signs can tell you to call there is a need for sewer repair:

Sewage Backups 

Are you experiencing frequent clogging in the house? It is a sign of a deteriorating sewer line. Using a plunger only postpones the problem. There will be a complete blockage at one point, and when you use the plunger, the wastewater rises from a different point. 

You need a residential sewer repair service to diagnose the problem. They have the necessary tools to look inside the pipes, including camera-tipped snakes. 

Patch of Extra-Lush Grass 

Is there a patch of grass greener than the rest of the lawn? It could be a sign of a broken sewer line. Wastewater is rich in minerals and can encourage the fast growth of grass, shrubs, and weeds. Your suspicions should be stronger if the grass is over the sewer line path. If it is a broken pipe, the ground will also feel soggy. 

The only way to confirm this is by uncovering the pipe. The sewer repair service will dig up the ground to reach the pipe for visual confirmation. 

Sunken Ground 

A broken sewer line will make the ground above it sink as the pipe splinters. If the ground above is a hardscape, with pavers or asphalt, you will see an indentation and cracking on the surface. If it is bare ground, you will see lush grass and wetness. A total blockage in the house would also accompany such a collapse. Therefore, you need serious sewer repair, which may involve replacing the sewer pipe. 

Mold Growth 

Sometimes, the problem will start when the sewer line breaks in the walls. This problem often comes when the pipe is punctured during renovations. The excess moisture will encourage mold growth where there is leakage. 

Sometimes, the mold appearance is accompanied by a strong sewage odor. Mold especially presents a risk to your family because it causes respiratory problems. You need a sewer repair service to fix the problem ASAP and prevent further damage. 

Do you suspect you have a broken sewer line on the property? Call a sewer repair service to inspect and fix the problem.

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