The Dangers Of A Leaky Commercial Hot Water Heater & Possible Leak Causes

If you manage one or more apartment buildings that are equipped with commercial water heaters, then you may know that water heaters can develop problems that you need to look out for to ensure your tenants can continuously obtain the hot water they need. However, you may not realize that some hot water heater problems, including hot water tank leaks, can pose a safety hazard to your tenants. 

Read on to learn more about the dangers of a leaky commercial water heater, along with common hot water tank leak causes.

The Dangers of a Leaky Commercial Hot Water Heater

One danger of a leaky hot water heater is water damage to the floor and other building materials surrounding the water heater. Not only do many types of flooring and other materials need to be replaced after they remain saturated with water long enough to permanently damage them, but just one wet floor under a leaky hot water tank can create a breeding ground for toxic mold that can be difficult to eliminate without the help of an expensive mold remediation company. 

In addition, if the leak is caused by a faulty pressure relief valve that is not regulating the pressure inside of the hot water tank properly, or if it not addressing another problem that is increasing tank pressure, the tank is a potential explosion hazard. If a hot water tank explodes due to the build-up of internal pressure inside, it could seriously injury tenants by spraying scalding hot water at them. 

Common Causes of Commercial Hot Water Tank Leaks 

If you notice that one of your commercial hot water tanks is leaking, you should immediately call a plumber due to the several hazards that a leaky hot water tank poses to your tenants. The plumber can safely find the source of the leak and repair it, if possible, to limit building water damage and water contamination while also preventing tank explosion. 

A few common causes of commercial hot water tank leaks include: 

  • Bad pressure relief valve. This valve may be sealed improperly or may simply be faulty. 
  • Open or bad drain valve. Drain valves often do not close completely after a tank maintenance service, such as tank flushing, and drain valves can corrode over time. 
  • Too-high water pressure in the building. A leak at the pressure valve can also be caused by too-high water pressure in the building that warrants the need for a pressure regulator. 
  • Tank corrosion. Old hot water tanks can spring leaks due to corrosion that can occur over time. 

The appearance of a hot water tank leak can also occur when the supply lines above the tank are leaking. 

If you own or manage an apartment building, then be aware that a leaky hot water tank warrants immediate commercial water heater repair to eliminate the safety hazard it poses your tenants. To learn more, contact a company like Mr Waterheater.

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