Enjoy Warm Showers When It's Savagely Cold

Taking a cold shower during the winter will remind you of the essence of a water heater. Even worse, waiting for the tank to heat up before getting into the shower is annoying. The bright side is you can remedy the situation by hiring a plumber to check the system. 

The expert will come up with a comprehensive report about the root causes of the problem. You might need to replace the parts or install a new water heater. Learn about the situations when you will require a new unit.


A water heater either uses gas or electricity in its operation. Constant leaks in the unit are dangerous, as they can lead to water damage or electric shock. A water tank with holes is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any minute. Typically, it will flood the entire area causing damages. On that account, frequent leaks in the tank indicate that you need a new water heater installation.

You can settle on a tankless water heater to ward off seepage from time to time. The product has additional benefits such as:

  • Durability
  • Massive energy savings
  • Reliability
  • Easy to maintain

Old Water Heater

If the water heater has been in your household for years, you need an upgrade. At this point, the system has become inefficient, leading to high power bills. In addition, an old unit is susceptible to producing low-pressure water. It also supplies cold water sometimes, not serving its purpose.

New installation guarantees you adequate warm water when you are doing dishes and taking a shower. The highlight is that you don't have to wait for the system to heat the water. The process is automatic, especially with a tankless water heater.

Frequent Repairs

When you find yourself repairing your heater regularly, it's time to get a new one. Frequent repairs usually add up to high costs in the long run. The water heater isn't immune to wear and tear; hence, the solution is to install a new system.

Calculate the repair costs compared to buying a new water heater. The figures might shock you since fixing the heater isn't cheap. Invest in a modern product to enjoy warm showers throughout the year.

Discolored Water

Discolored water is a sign of rust or corrosion in the tank. A plumber will inspect the water heater and suggest immediate replacement. It's no secret that rusty water stains laundry and tubs. Also, the water isn't healthy for your delicate skin. An anode rod prevents corrosion in the water heater. Replacing it might be another alternative.

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