Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

A water heating system is essential in a home as it heats water for use in your house. However, the systems are prone to damage since they're in constant use. That's because homeowners require a study hot water supply, especially during the cold seasons. Unfortunately, you may not know that you're dealing with a damaged water heating system until cold water starts coming out of the taps. Therefore, you should repair your water heating system on time to avoid replacement, which can be costly. Here are the indicators of water heater repair.

Alternate Water Temperatures

Sometimes, your faucets may release hot water, while other times, warm or cold water. Alternating water temperatures indicate that your water heating unit could have issues. Over time, mineral deposits accumulate on the heating unit and interfere with the heating. Additionally, the deposits cause your water heating unit to consume more power. Therefore, in this instance, heater repair entails eliminating the deposits to allow for sufficient water heating.

Brown Water

Safe water for consumption needs to be clean. Nonetheless, if the water heating system produces brownish water that contains dark particles, that's an indicator of a problem. The browning usually occurs due to sedimentation, which occurs when impurities settle in your heating system over time. The contaminants cause a health hazard in your house since unclean water can cause stomach infections. Hence, a water heater repair expert needs to thoroughly flush out, clean the hot water tank, and restore the clean water supply. Additionally, the browning could be due to corrosion of the hot water tanks. The repair entails inspecting the anode rod for corrosion and removing the rust if present.

Odd Sounds

Water heating systems usually produce low sounds during operation, and you shouldn't worry about the noise. However, you should worry about unusual loud sounds, as they indicate heating unit problems. The loud sounds occur when mineral deposits such as calcium and dirt accumulate on the heating unit. To solve this problem, water heater repair experts need to flush out these sediments. Additionally, the odd sounds could be due to a faulty dip tube that may allow mixing cold and warm water. Hence, inspect the dip tube carefully and seal the cracks or holes if present.

Discoloration of water, changing water temperatures, and odd sounds are indicators that you require water heater repair. Consider contacting plumbers to fix all your water heating problems fast.

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