4 Factors Affecting Your Water Heater Efficiency

Your home needs hot water to function conveniently. If your water heater performs below par, you'll experience all sorts of inconveniences, especially during the cold season.

Many homeowners focus more on the best type of water heater to install or how to make their system more efficient. Although carrying out regular repairs and service maintains its efficiency, your hot water unit can function poorly due to some circumstances.

You can consult water heater installation professionals to advise you on how to keep the water system supplying hot water without glitches. Here are some factors that affect the performance of your hot water unit.

1. Heater Negligence

No matter if you've installed a highly efficient tankless water heater, neglecting it can affect its efficiency significantly. Water heaters are installed in discreet places. As a homeowner, you're likely to focus more on other appliances; meaning it's easy to forget your water heater. With frequent checks, it is easy to identify small or major issues that could affect the unit's efficiency. You can set notifications for inspecting the heater. This helps to identify problems like leaks, signs of rust, or component breakdown. Consequent repairing and servicing will keep the system running efficiently.

2. High Water Pressure

If there's high water pressure in the pipes connecting your water heater, it's a sign of trouble. Excess pressure can trigger costly repairs. It's important to have a pressure gauge installed to help you regulate the pressure when necessary. If water is exerting excessive pressure on your tank, it could decrease its efficiency. You must contact a water heater technician to assist you to resolve the issue. They'll help to install an expansion tank to ease the pressure. Equally, a skilled plumber can install a pressure removal valve to prevent tank damage from thermal pressure.

3. Heating Overload

Do you have a heavy demand for hot water within your household? If you're overworking the water heater to supply hot water, it loses its efficiency. If its supply capacity can keep up with the constant demand, it's likely to perform below par. If you're executing multiple chores that require hot water throughout, your heater will break down without notice. An experienced water heater technician can assess your usage and help install multiple heaters to handle your intense hot water demands.

4. Improper Sizing

If you purchase a water heater that doesn't fit your demands and home' size, you'll experience low heater efficiency. Different heater models are made to accommodate homes with varied hot water needs. If it's too small or too big, your heater won't meet its expected efficiency levels. A plumber can examine your home and help you to buy a water heater that fits your home size. Always work with a professional water heater installation service for proper heater selection and installation.

To learn more about water heaters, contact a local plumber.

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